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Statistics and Probability II

Here you can find the event planning of the module BS02:

This course is a compulsory module for students of the Bachelor's programmes in Business Administration and Economics and is offered in the summer semester.

Detailed information can be found in the module handbook.

The module can be taken in the HIS-LSF.
The course materials are provided via the student portal (ILIAS).

Please note the approved aids for the course BS02:

  • The script for the course BS02 without notes, additions or annotations.
  • The published (bound) formulary can be used.
  • The following applies to the script and formulary: Emphasis (underlining, marking, etc.) is permitted. No additions to the content (texts, formulas, etc.) may be included.

As a precaution, we would like to point out that the use of advertising-financed script printouts with advertising space in the exam is not permitted.

Literature references

Schira, J.: Statistische Methoden der VWL und BWL, Pearson Studium

Degen, H., Lorscheid, P.: Statistik-Lehrbuch, Oldenbourg

Hatzinger, R., Hornik, K., Nagel, H.: R – Einführung durch angewandte Statistik, Pearson Studium


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